Thursday, July 01, 2004

Oh So Quiet

A nice feeling of calm awaited me as I pulled into our driveway after work yesterday, no screaming kids, no sound of breaking glass and no fire engines! I do hope they've been scared off for good now, it's going to be months while they knock this place down and start building new houses and I fear it could turn into one big dangerous playground.

Harvey hasn't eaten much at all since we picked him up on Saturday, he's had chew sticks etc and he did manage half a tin of tuna. We've given him some left overs from our tea which is not really good for him but it's better than nothing. I was beginning to wonder if he's only ever been fed scraps before, but last night I put Lucy's dinner down and went to get some tuna for Harvey. When I turned round, Harvey was eating the dog food! I put the tuna down for Lucy but she just gave me that look so I had to put that in the bin and get her usual. Hopefully Harvey will eat his dinner again tonight and he'll start putting some weight on, he is rather thin at the moment, we'll talk about that with the vet on Saturday.

The no drinking during the week is going well, nothing on Monday night and nothing last night, Tuesday we had a stiff drink with all the commotion going on outside which I think is allowed. Debbie is starting with a cold so I think she'll be having a hot toddy tonight and I might have one too, prevention is better than cure as they say.

Big Brother was a bit emotional last night, Michelle screaming at everyone and Marco with the water works, it did look like it could kick off again but I sounds like they had a good party last night so we'll see how they got on tonight. We've not voted yet, no body has been up who we've wanted to leave, we night make a few phone calls when Jason or Victor are nominated, although I suspect if either one is evicted, the other might chill out a bit.


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