Thursday, July 08, 2004

Wet Wet Wet

I cleaned out Bungie's hutch last yesterday, he's been looking a little bit down in the dumps for the last couple of days so we've got him some different rabbit food. He does seem to get bored with it if we give him the same kind all the time but up until Monday he was always emptying his bowl and on Tuesday he hardly touched it. We'll keep a close eye on him over the coming days and see if he chirps up a bit with this new food.

After tea last night, we went over to the field with the dogs and the buggy, after the thunderstorm on Tuesday night it was still a bit damp and muddy in places and I had to keep lifting the buggy up to get past the puddles. When we got to an open area of gravel we had some fun racing it around, sliding round corners and doing doughnuts. My poor little buggy is now covered in mud and needs a really good clean. I think in future, if it's not been dry for a while, we'll stick to driving on tarmac, there is a disused tennis court in the local park which would be ideal.

It's back to school for the housemates in Big Brother, mildly entertaining watching them singing hymns and smoking behind the bike shed. Since the departure of Marco last week, they're all getting on too well and it's not making very good viewing. The knives do seem to be out for Becki but only because she was the last to arrive in the house. After tipping Michelle to be evicted last week, I'm going for Becki this week, so it we'll probably be Ahmed who's shown the door.

The weather forecast for last night and today was spot on, heavy rain and lots of it. We got soaked going out to the cars this morning and the drive on the motorway was a bit hairy at time with visibility going down to virtually nothing. Debbie called to let me know she'd got to work OK and apparently it was just as bad on the A roads with the occasional nutter driving way to fast for the conditions. I had to laugh this morning watching GMTV, they had reporters all over the county covering the this big weather story, I think they forgot that we're in England, it's summer time and it's raining, it's not exactly unexpected.


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