Sunday, July 25, 2004

Walking the Dogs

Friday nite started with Bicardi and coke for Debbie and the usual Lager for Paulie, After dying Debbie's hair back to BLACK, we settled down to watch Big Brother and were not all that surprised that Victor got voted out after behaving like a Pilchard on Wednesday.

Saturday morning was hangover hell for Debbie while Paulie looked at the map to pick a nice walking route.  We spotted Creswell Crags which we passed last year after getting lost coming back from Sherwood Forest, so we thought we would have a closer look. We got some nice pictures, only problem was, nice as the area was,  it only took an hour to walk round so we headed off for Rother Valley Country Park.  It was lovely and had a big lake in the middle that you could walk round split into sections of different sporting activities, such as Water Skiing, Boating and Wind Surfing.  We kept Lucy and Harvey on their double lead as we did not fancy chasing  Harvey all the way round the lake!

On the way home we dropped Lucy and Harvey off and set off to the DVD store and picked up a couple of DVD's.  We got Starsky & Hutch which we watched last nite, this was supposed to be an all action comedy film but to be honest we did not find it funny and where were all the car chases? The other one which we will be watching today is Looney Tunes - Back in Action which we hope will be much funnier than the rubbish last nite.

Debbie & Paulie

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Starbuck said...

There was I, just back from my holidays, checking my Sitemeter stats like the obsessive geek that I am.

I follow a link over to the lovely Buttercup blog, only to find that the dogs - Lucy & Harvey - share the same names as myself and my fiance. Spooky coincidence. Nearly.

Then back to my Sitemeter referrals, and over to Snowbabies. "We kept Lucy and Harvey on their double lead as we did not fancy chasing Harvey all the way round the lake!" I would've fell off my chair in suprise, had my chair not been rammed up against the wall behind me. Now I understand.

Nice blog, by the way.