Sunday, July 18, 2004

Rainy Days

We visited Knowsley Safari Park again yesterday and despite the weather forecast not being that bad for the weekend, it rained the whole time we were there again. It doesn't matter to us, being in the car most of the time and the animals are always more active when it's raining. The Lions especially put on a very good show both times we went round. Mr lion was having his wicked way with Mrs lion and kept glaring at the ranger lol. We just saw the one otter but he was very close by this time and wa rolling about next to the lake having a very good time in the wet weather. We got some nice shots of the rhinos who were mostly just laid out soaking up the rain, the llamas were as nosey as ever and came to say hello. We never gave the mad ostriches chance to get close, I'm sure they'd be inside the car given half the chance. Passing the drive through baboon enclosure, we had a chuckle at two cars parked up outside inspecting the damage lmao! I'm sure it wasn't funny for them but if they're daft enough to drive through it then it serves them right.
On the way home we called in at Choices and picked up two dvd's, we watched Cold Creek Manor which we thought was about a haunted house but was more of a thriller and we didn't find it all that scary. We've got Mona Lisa Smile to watch today which we know nothing about but the cover looked nice.
We're not doing anything today, it's an official 'chill day' with lot's of coffee, tea, telly and competing with the dogs for available space on the sofa!
 Paul & Debbie

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