Friday, July 23, 2004

Simbas Pride

Last night we watched Lion King 2 which we've never seen before and weren't disappointed. We thought it was every bit as good as the first one and will sit on the shelf in-between the original and Lion King 3 we already have. By the time the film finished, Big Brother was just starting so we stopped up to watch the wedding lol. After Jason being a clear cut choice for us to go tonight, we're not so sure now after Victor's verbal assault on everyone. the show closed with Michelle and Stuart making tents in the snug. The sound left nothing to the imagination, we knew what they were up to I don't think we needed to hear as well, it all just seemed a little bit tacky.

Crunchie day is here once again and for once the weather looks like it going to be warm and sunny this weekend, especially in the East. We've not made any plans yet, wherever we go, we'll be taking plenty of sun lotion.


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