Sunday, July 04, 2004

Sunday Blues

Here we are again, BORING SUNDAY'S,

When I got home from work on friday, I was very under the weather, think i was only in the house five mins and me pj's were on, an hour later I was in bed, had a really good sleep for the fist time that week!!

Saturday started off with Harvey going to the vets, he had his second injection and got some table for his kennel cough,now this is going to be fun trying to give them to him plus while we were there got then all their worming tables, Lucy and Harvey will be a doddle compaired to Misty and Toddy, there is going to be teeth and claws going everywhere...yikes...think I will leave this task to Paul....Best of Luck

Next was a ride over to Michael's to get Paul his new toy, all I wanted to do is come home and go to bed, but with Paul full of beans and Michael just as bad I just had to go with the flo....

When we finally got home, I got me duvet from upstairs and planned on snuggleing on the sofa with a good film that I could fall to sleep with in the first 2 mins of it coming on, but Oh No....Lucy, Harvey and Paul had other ideas, think they had planned it out, lets all get on the sofa as well, it was like a riot, until I gave up....

Why is it when you are full of a cold, your hole body aches, you can not hear one word anyone has said and you feel like you had got a pea for a brain rattleing around in your head....

This morning we have been for our weekly shop and got a new king size duvet and covers and now everyone is chillin, well sort of, Paul is playing with his new toy, making sure its all in working order before he puts the fuel and makes the neighbours annoyed with the noise its going to Harvey & Lucy are playing with squeeky toys on the sofa, the cats are in the box that Paul's toy came in and Zippy is signing along to whatever music comes on the TV and as me Im feeling a lot better with all the Flu tablets I have taken and IM BORED!


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