Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Clothes Mountain

After work yesterday, I called in at the local supermarket for a spot of shopping. Armed with a list compiled by Debbie, I was round there in about two minutes, without the list I'd have been stood at the end of and isle for ten minutes trying to remember why I'd gone in there. Back at the I got the tea on the go, smoked haddock and chips, which wasn't what Debbie had in mind when she came in through the door but it turned out pretty cool. Last time I attempted fish, it dried out and turned into this rubber thing that would have kept the dogs entertained for weeks.

After tea, we set off on our expedition to clothes mountain, armed with a roll of bin bags and determination. Two hours later all the clothes were either hanging upstairs, in the wardrobe or in our new drawers under the bed. With a job well done, a large gin and tonic was in order with lots of ice to cool us down while we settled down to some telly. With the little sofa bed cleared, it's been claimed by Harvey who spent the night snuggled up on there.

Big Brother was about as entertaining as it's been so far, everyone was is fighting mood apart from Stuart and Shell. Michelle was livid at Ahmed for not taking part in the tasks and for being an idiot (not what Debbie called him last night but I can't put that here lol). Nadia was gunning for Jason again for making her change places in the days task and for being a fool (again, not what Debbie called him but I certainly can't print that here lol). Hopefully on Friday, Victor will go and the following Friday Jason, which will leave moody Ahmed with no-one to turn to and he'll go, then it gets difficult as we quite like everyone else.


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