Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Cheeky Bum

Flicking through the TV guide last night you could tell it was summer time, not a single programme worth watching so we stopped on the computer all night instead. Both Lucy and Harvey were in clingy mode, they won't settle if we're not sitting on sofa so I spent most of the evening with one or both of them sat on my knee. Then Toddy comes along and wants to join in and I have all three of them jumping about on me while Misty chills out in the window and Zippy goes through his expanding repertoire. At one point we're sure he said 'Cheeky Bum' but he could have been trying to say 'Cheeky Boy' which we say a lot, whichever it was it was funny.

Big Brother was a little more entertaining with Michelle loosing her rag with Ahmed and his constant whining and rule breaking. I can't see how they are going to be able to pass this weeks task now, which means Jason and Michelle will be put to the vote and I'd put my money on Jason to go. I've never been right about eviction night yet, sorry Michelle!

The sunshine is back again this morning, it's been dark, dull and miserable for a few weeks now, we could do with some sunshine for a few days and this weekend so we can get out with the dogs without getting caked in mud. Harvey has just about got over kennel cough now and should be ok to be around other dogs by the weekend.


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