Wednesday, July 21, 2004

New Mobiles

After work I rushed home and took the dogs out for a quick lap of the field while we waited for Debbie to get home. As soon as she arrived, we got changed and zoomed off to Meadowhell. It wasn't too busy for a change so we had a clear path to march on down to the mobile phone shop.

We've didn't want another flip phone because when it rings we're all fingers and thumbs and can't get it open quick enough after spending ages tying to get it out of Debbie's handbag. This time we've gone for a Sony Ericsson T610, it's been out a while but it's had good reviews and it does exactly what we want at a decent price. The customer before us shelled out £250 for a new phone which is something we would never do, in 18 months time when our contract is up, we could probably get the same phone for free.

Anyway, we've not had chance to look at the new phones much yet, they were on charge all last night but we have taken a few pictures and Debbie has now got a picture of Lucy as her screen saver and she looks as cute as ever.

With the new phones and everything we didn't take that much notice of Big Brother, all we managed to catch was the end to find out that Jason, Victor, Dan and Nadia are all up for eviction. You know who we want to leave on Friday but I can't say or it won't happen.

Now that we're a year old and we've got over 250 posts on here, we've added a Google search tool to the bottom of our blog.



Jennyta said...

How do you manage to 'rush' anywhere after a day at work??? Or is it an age-related thing:)

Astrantia said...

My other half also has that phone, but it cost around 150pound ;-)