Monday, July 12, 2004

G.I. Paul

While Debbie was waiting for the dye to work yesterday, she offered to cut my hair. Straight over my head with the shears and then asked me what number I wanted, any number as long as it's one. So now it's extremely short, but it's cool and better for the hot weather should we get any. It's been unseasonably cold for the last week or so and there doesn't look to be any change in the next few days at least.

I got the drawers done that go under the bed so we can finally get our piles of clothes put away. We'll probably get the bedroom sorted tonight and then we can remove the little sofa which attracts too many clothes. This will leave space for another wardrobe or two or we could bring the clothes rails down from upstairs to make some room up there for more storage.

We had a ride over to Dad's in the afternoon, the dogs stayed at home because we were in a bit of a rush to get back in time for tea, we'll take them along another day. I know Dad love's to see Lucy and I'm sure will be taken with Harvey when he finds out he fetches his toys back when you throw them for him. Lucy's getting a bit cheeky lately, if there are two of anything, Eg. two toys or two longer lasting chews, she wants both. She'll never take anything from Harvey but as soon as his back's turned she's in there like lightning. Harvey's getting wise to this though and is pinches them back when she's not looking.

I took the buggy out to Dad's with a view to giving it a run out on the street which is always quiet, but it rained the whole time we were there. I'm itching to take it out on some tarmac and see just how fast it will go, but I'm not standing in the rain and I don't want to get it muddy again, it's not like I can just run it through the car wash.


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