Friday, July 16, 2004


We we're both very busy bunnies at work yesterday so when we got home we had a nice chilled glass of vodka martini with our spaghetti Bolognese. Debbie made the drinks and it blew my socks off! I certainly wouldn't be up to doing any James Bond stunts after a couple of those lol. We did a little bit of work on the new blogs while Lucy entertained herself by pulling the stuffing out of the one of the new toys. I think there are three toys left for Harvey to play with now, we'll have to get some more at the weekend.

It was really hot and muggy yesterday despite not seeing any sunshine but then when it started raining on the way home the temperature really dropped and I even put the heater on in the car. It really is very funny weather we're having at the moment.

We didn't catch much of Big Brother last night, we we're too busy giggling on the sofa. I've checked the website for an update and it seems to indicate there will be a twist with the evictions but it's not very clear how it will work. We'll be tuning in tonight to see who get the chop.


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