Friday, July 30, 2004

Hot & Humid

It's now officially too hot to do anything, it's not the temperature that's causing the problem, it's only about average for this time of year, it's the high humidity. We seem to be stuck in a rut where we're getting lots of cloud, showers and sunny spells. The forecast is for more sun and less cloud over the weekend it's going to get even hotter and probably just a humid.

Last night was there worst yet for getting to sleep, we need a new fan that goes up to number four because number three just isn't strong enough, we need a force ten gale running through the house to keep things cool! Over a couple of nice cold glasses of cider, we watched a film followed by Big Brother. Not much happened there that would swing the votes either way, now there are only six left in there it's getting a bit predictable with them all getting along. We'll be tuning in tonight for the eviction and will probably watch Will & Grace at half time which we've never watched before Big Bro but are quite enjoying.

We've made no plans for the weekend, except that we're not going to the coast, it will be cooler over there but half the population will be headed that way and we don't fancy sitting in a slow moving car for two hours in this heat. In know Debbie's keen to get out with the camera so we'll be going somewhere nice close by.

Back to the grindstone for another day, then it's crunchie time!



gemmak said...

Lol..... come to Scotland for the weekend, all the hot and humid weather you speak of doesn't seem to have made it here. No surprise there! Yeah its warm, (for Scot.) currently 18 degrees but nothing earth shattering and still windy and wet! Tsk.

magz said...

thank you for dropping by the farm! i'm maggie... and absolutely agog over the ability to do all this international chit-chat without standing up, walking, sitting on crowded planes, etc. Our friend scottish red is quite the linker, eh? I enjoy the peek into a different world... and would be honored to link to you! You take very nice photos... and sound like you two love each other and your lives. I've just finished reading Mil Millington's 2 books.. and am loving the british point of veiw right drop in anytime! regards.. maggie (magz)