Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Hot Dogs & Cider

While I was nodding off at the meeting last night Debbie took the dogs out on to the field for a walk as originally planned. The meeting went on a bit and I was about half an hour later getting home than I thought I would be.
As soon as I got in we jumped in the car and sped off to the supermarket for some supplies. Obviously we could walk past the alcohol isle without picking something up so we got some cider which we've not had for ages. Hot dogs were on the menu when we got back with a side order of prawn cracker type crisps which went down a treat while we checked out the blogs.
In no time at all it was 10pm and time to retire and watch Big Brother which wasn't a good to watch as previous nights which resulted in Debbie falling asleep half way through and I wasn't far behind.

After the nice hot sunshine yesterday it looks like we're going to be seeing yet more rain today and then perhaps getting a bit drier and warmer towards the weekend. Hopefully this will be the case and we'll be able to get the front garden sorted out and I'll be able to get the infamous gate put on that we bought last summer.


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