Thursday, July 15, 2004

One Becomes Three

Eagle eyed readers may have spotted that we've created two new blogs, Buttercup and Yorkshire Snowman. We've been blogging on here for a few days short of a year now and we've loved updating our diary here. It's great looking back over the last year and we're looking forward to another year writing about our daily lives on here. We can't really say what the new blogs will be all about as we don't know, we just thought it would be nice to have our own blogs so we could write about all sorts of things while keeping this page as our diary. The blog names come from our nicknames back on Feesch a few years ago where we met as Buttercup & Snowman. Debbie spent last night getting her page ready for action and I think it's looking pretty darn sexy already. I'm hoping to get mine off the ground sometime today.

Big Brother was explosive again with Michelle and Ahmed having another row. We're hoping that Victor goes tomorrow night, although I think it will be Ahmed who'll be walking. I thought I'd say that because we want Ahmed stay and every time I say someone will be leaving they prove me wrong. We want Ahmed to stay and feel the pressure with no Victor or Jason to back him up. There are reports in the newspapers today that whoever is evicted will be able to take someone out with them, now that's evil.



Donna said...

Now that would be cruel - I want Ahmed out (although I had previously decided it would be Victor or Jason), but if Ahmed can choose someone to go, I think it would be Michelle and that wouldn't be fair. Ahmed's getting just a little bit too scary now and i know if I was in there I'd be shouting at him all the time - actually, I would have been thrown out for hitting someone by now.

By the way, found your page via Phil Gardner's blog.

Jennyta said...

Good luck with your new blogs. Looking forward to reading them :-)