Friday, July 02, 2004

Another New Car

Debbie is suffering from cold at the moment but has still gone into work today. She had her hot toddy and a lemsip last night, and I had two cold toddy's! I've not shown any signs of cold yet but I'm sure to get it and it always seems to hit men worse, resulting in Man-Flu, symptoms are constant winging and whining, phoning in sick and refusing to get out of bed.

We had some good news yesterday and the result is we've got a little bit more money to put towards the wedding and I'm celebrating almost 15 years hard work here by buying a new car this weekend! I've looked at Mercs, Porches, Aston Martin's etc but I'm after an off-roader to have some fun with, the favourite so far is the HPI Nitro Rush Evo. Yep, it's a radio controlled 1/10 scale model car, if we had come into enough money to by a real Aston Martin, I wouldn't be here writing this, I'd be out cruising round the luxury car dealers. I can't wait to go and get my new car, the Nitro Rush will do about 40mph which to scale would be 400mph in a normal sized car.

Before all this excitement though, I've got to got to the dentist tonight for a couple of fillings, which means having an injection ...whoopee... and having to drink larger through a straw so I don't dribble it all over the place. Tonight we'll be watching Eastenders, Top Of The Flops and the eviction in Big Brother before going to bed ready for a visit to the vets tomorrow.


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