Monday, September 20, 2004

We Did The Ironing!

We watched Star Wars Episode I yesterday afternoon and at half time had a gorgeous casserole that Debbie had been preparing for hours. We were planning to watch Episode 2 but it was getting late.

So with a little time to spare before Monarch Of The Glen, we actually managed to get the ironing done for the week, which I think is the first time ever. Usually it's a mad rush in the mornings, ironing, shower, feed the zoo, change the litter, make the butties, make the ciggies, grab a coffee, have some toast and sometimes I even have time for a shave.

Debbie was trying not to fall asleep so as not to be waking up in the middle of the night so we watched Silent Witness which was intriguing as always, the story concludes tonight and we'll be tuning in again to see who done it.

This moring it was pitch black when we woke up and the wind was howling outside, not exactly encouraging us to get moving. With no ironing to do, we considered having an extra ten minutes but managed to resist the temptation. We still didn't have much time to spare but weren't rushing about as much as usual, tonight I think we'll be making the butties and ciggies in advance so we can put our feet up for ten minutes tomorrow morning.



Yorkshire Soul said...

Me and Mrs YS are both big Monarch fans, but I feel that the last season may have been one too far, the plots were getting ever dafter and more poorly written, last nights opener for the new series seemed even weaker.

Maybe Dr.Who can save the series from itself.

Jennyta said...

You're lucky to get chance to watch these things! I am subjected to Scrapheap challenge and other men-orientated rubbish - er, I mean programmes! Congratulations on your Weblog review!