Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Marriage Certificates

Well, the no drinking thing is up the spout already Debbie had a bad day at the office yesterday so when we got home, we had a couple of Bacardi and cokes while the stress levels subsided. We spent an hour getting bits and pieces together ready for tomorrow and then the plan was to watch a film but we had to make a few phone calls first. We must have called fifteen different numbers trying to get hold of three people and by the time we'd tracked everyone down, it was getting late so we didn't bother with the film and went to bed instead.

Today we're off to sort out our marriage certificates, Debbie's picking me up at lunchtime and taking us to the town hall or "tarn all" as it's know locally. We shouldn't be in there too long, so I'll we'll be back at work this afternoon....sheesh...


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