Thursday, September 09, 2004

Marriage Certificates Par Deux

We've done it! Debbie picked me up from work at lunch time and we arrived at the town hall an hour early. To our surprise and delight, we were seen straight away. It only took about fifteen minutes and the very nice chap at the registry office had details of our intention to marry displayed in the corridor for the first of fifteen days. So in just over two weeks we can go and pick up our marriage certificates!

Having rushed around all day, we nipped out for a takeaway, mixed kebab meat, sausage and chips with garlic mayo and it was delicious. We had an hour on the computer reading blogs, but alas, we're still unable to post anything with blogger being poorly all day. We did managed to watch a film despite Lucy doing her very best to distract us by jumping on us the whole time. Usually she'll settle down on the sofa with us but she was having none of it and was determined to try and lick us to death at every opportunity.


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gemmak said...

It just HAS to snow on your wedding day :o)