Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Amazing Adventures of Eric

Eric has been in the bad books this week, he's chewed through the beads that hang down next to the window blinds, it's actually easier to see which way is open and closed now but we haven't told him that.

While Misty and Toddy showed little interest when we first got Zippy, Eric did start climbing up the cage a few days ago while it was open with Zippy perched on top. One quick squirt with Zippy's water spray sent Eric scurrying off and he's never been near the cage since.

He's very agile and can get from anywhere in the house to his food in the blink of an eye! I'm on constant guard now because he's a bugger for chewing on my ear and he can just appear from nowhere when I'm not expecting him. If I walk past him while he's on the cat tower or on the kitchen units, he'll launch himself through air, landing on my back hanging on by his claws. At the moment my legs arms and back look like a cat scratching post!

While we're on the computer he does like to come and supervise. As Debbie is typing something, Eric like to watch the letters appear on the screen, he may be checking for spelling and grammar, we're not sure If he's tired when we're both at the computer, he'll come to whoever isn't at the controls and will happily fall asleep in our arms.

He was climbing all over Misty last night trying to find a comfy spot and Misty just lay they there until he'd had enough, got up and walked off for some peace and quiet elsewhere. Toddy is still getting hold of Eric from time to time but more often than not, it's Eric who's chasing Toddy all over the place so he can expect a telling off from Toddy now and again. If Toddy does get a bit rough, Eric will cry out and Lucy will go to investigate and break it up, she really is a good girl.

We'll be sad to see them go into the cattery during our honeymoon but we know they'll be well looked after there, I wonder if the lady is ready for the Three Amigos!


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