Sunday, September 12, 2004

New Posy

Last night we went for a meal with friends and didn’t get back till midnight so this morning it was a struggle to get going this morning.

We did finally get moving at lunch time and set off to a warehouse to get more flowers for a new bridesmaids posy. Debbie also got a tiara because the band she’d made a while ago doesn’t go with the new style wedding dress.

Leaving there, we called in at the supermarket for a few bits and pieces, including a lovely salad for tea and some more alcohol

Next stop was Dads to drop off the details for the suits so he can order his next week. We took Lucy along because Dad loves to see her and tries in vain to get her to play fetch the ball. She’s not daft our Lucy, she’s a fetch it yourself kind of dog

We had a friend over tonight which was cool and Debbie got the new posy finished which I must say it looks fabulous!

We’re going to settle down to a film now, trying not to think about another week of work and the ironing we’ve not done…


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