Thursday, September 23, 2004

Barking Mad

Debbie rang about a wedding cake last night, we're still waiting for a call back with the price but I think we'll be going with this one having seen a cake she'd made at a wedding earlier in the year which was beautiful. We're glad that's out of the way, we wouldn't have been able to face family and friends with a Scooby Doo cake on the top table.

Not a drop of alcohol passed our lips last night which was cool after lapsing on Tuesday night following Debbie's tumble. If we can stay vodka free tonight, I think we'll have a drink to celebrate on Friday!

Zippy's been getting cleaver at mimicking Lucy, he's been doing the whining for a while now because when he's out of his cage Lucy just lies there whining away until he goes back in. Last night Zippy started barking so any visitors knocking on the front door are going to think we've got two dogs, one of which also says 'Hello'! He's barking mad that parrot!

Looking at Eric this morning, we both don't think he's grown much in the last couple of weeks, he shot up after the first week but now seems to have stalled. The vet remarked on how small he was last weekend but didn't say it was a propblem. We'll keep an eye on this but he's still running about like a crazed lunatic so we think he's fine, just vertically challenged.



Freddy said...

Probably has grown, you just see it every day. I thought my daughter wasn't growing but when we measured her she'd grown 4 inches in 6 months.

gemmak said...

A scooby doo cake would be cool :o)

Jacqueline said...

This just about the cutest blog I've ever seen.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

Jacqueline in Toronto