Monday, September 27, 2004

Turkey Dinner

The other day we got a turkey leg for Sunday dinner because it's just the right size for two and the meat on the leg is nicer. After a spot of shopping yesterday Debbie cracked on with making a lovely Sunday dinner while I attempted the ironing. It must have taken me a while because when I got back downstairs, dinner was ready and was absolutely gorgeous.

We just chilled on the sofa afterwards, watching Star Wars - Episode II, I think we'll be getting the trilogy soon, the one that's been released this week. The afternoon drifted into evening and we almost missed Monarch Of The Glen not realising it was so late.

I appear to have contracted man-flu from somewhere with the sniffling and sneezing starting last night and feeling awful this morning, not sure if that's the flu or the whisky though, probably a bit of both. The only thing I'm going to be drinking a lot of this week is lemsip!



gemmak said... flu! Debbie, you have my sympathies! hehe

Elin said...

Oy Vey. Get well soon! Grab the garlic and wash it down with the whisky, or a hot toddy...
No snow as of yet. Which is good because we are moving on Saturday and moving in snow totally sucks, but not as much as as having the flu though.