Thursday, September 16, 2004

Moving Times Ahead

While we were looking at a new area to move to during our holiday the other week, we arranged for someone to come out and do a valuation on our house. Last weekend we were supposed to get everything thing ship shape around the house but as ever, we never got round to it so this week we were supposed to ring and cancel but never got round to that either! Realising I'd not made the call at 5.35pm yesterday and with no answer at the office, I shot off home and started running round like a mad man getting things straight while running round with hoover, legging myself up with the flex which always seems to be a foot shorter than it needs to be.

As previously arranged, Debbie pulled up on the main road because we were supposed to be going shopping, so I hopped in the car and in-between gasps for breath explained that the valuation person was still coming. After another half an hour of rushing about, the place was looking quite presentable, then right on time, there was a knock on the door.

Having gone through the house taking measurements and the like, we all sat down in the living room for the verdict.... Our house is now worth more than double what I paid for it three years ago, so even if we have to discount a little for a quick sale next year, which we were told we won't need to, the mortgage on the new house isn't going to be much different to the current one.

If it weren't for the wedding coming up soon, we would have packed our bags last night!


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