Friday, September 10, 2004

Mackerel Fishcakes

After a long eventful week back at work, thank crunchie it's Friday!

Debbie had a terrible day yesterday having to go to the hospital for a scan and we were both relieved to get home last night for big hug and a vodka & coke or two. Tea was one of my best yet, haddock fish cakes, smoked mackerel fishcakes and chicken drummers, enough to put a smile on anyone's face after a bobbins day.

After a spot of blog reading, we sat down to watch some telly. We watched something about a murder investigation which turned out to be very interesting and at the end quite shocking. The two people involved had been arrested but because they couldn't prove which one did it and neither would confess, all they could charge them both with was perverting the course of justice. So one of them got five years and the other seven years and will be released this year and next year so in effect one them got away with murder.

This morning it's really foggy outside and it's warm and muggy inside. It looks like summer is finally coming to and end with rain forecast today and right through the weekend with quite a drop in temperature as well. It might even be cool enough for a spot of tidying up in the house



ponto azul said...

I just came by to say hello, and to visit your page!I´t s quite nice and I love the animated animals!:-)

gemmak said...

Hope the scan is fine, hospital stuff always requires a hug :o)

Freddy said...

Ditto last comment and I love haddock and mackeral. Yum!