Thursday, September 30, 2004

Search For Scott

After spending most of the day snoozing by the fire, I cleaned Zippy's cage and had a bit of a change round with it because he keeps standing on the cage door that opens up at the top and can't be very good for his feet. I've put a perch high up on the outside of the cage so he can perch on that instead which he seems happy with. He's also been over to the stand for some peanuts and seems happier climbing across rather than using the ladder which I've now taken down.

Last night Debbie had a devil of journey home again, having to travel through the centre of Sheffield to get home from work, at least the new job is this side of Sheffield and the journey shouldn't take half as long. I'd got tea on the go, potato croquets, fish fingers and beans but Debbie was rather hoping I'd not managed it, fancying chips and curry instead, hey ho, we might have that tonight.

We climbed in bed early and watched a programme about a race between two teams on foot across the North Pole featuring lots of ice. snow and a polar bear. Debbie was on the phone at the time and said to me that her friend was watching Star Trek - The Search For Spock, so I said that we're watching Race Across The Antactic - The Search For Scott. I know it was the Arctic really, the way I work out which is which when they're on telly, is to remember that a penguins best method of defence against a polar bear is distance.....polar bears only live at the north pole (Arctic) and penguins only in the south (Antarctic).

After that we watched new series on BBC1 called British Isles, A Natural History which I wasn't that bothered about but turned out to be a real treat and definitely worth tuning in for again next week.

This morning I've struggled back in to work armed with a bottle of linctus and a large box of tissues, man-size for man-flu!


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