Friday, September 03, 2004

Searching The Hills

Having changed Buttercup's template yesterday, we tried tinkering with the Snowbabies one as well but managed to muck it up so we’ve replaced it with a new one and copied some ideas from Buttercup because we both think it looks really sexy. We think this one looks cool too and more reflects us rather than having the standard Blogger template.

So, what have we been up to today? Well, We’ve been house hunting, not that we really thought we could pull anything off before the wedding, but it was nice to check out the areas close to us and see what was available and at what price. From what we’ve seen today, I think we’ll be up there in the remote hills with the sheep early next year.

We’ve got a new business pack from the bank and will still be looking into our dream of running our own boarding kennels but for the time being, we think we would need a lottery win to get that one off the ground at the moment. When we went to see the cattery the other day, not a million miles from where we were looking for a new home ;-), we saw how they had done it in a residential area and maybe one day we could do something like that on a smaller scale. Who knows what the future holds, but one day we know we will have our dream come true no matter how long it takes.

Tonight we’re on whisky and coke again and chilling after sorting out the seating plan and printing out the place cards for the wedding. It’s all coming together now and we can’t wait for the big day!

Eric is really settling in now and I have the scars to prove it on my legs, arms and shoulders He’s grown since we picked him up almost a week ago, we’ll post some new pictures tomorrow...



Jennyta said...

The new look is brilliant! I'd like to ring the changes on mine but haven't the time or courage at present :)

Starbuck said...

Very nice and... snowy.

Big improvement. Not that the last one was bad.

gemmak said...

Love the new template. I keep doing mine and then deciding I don't like it and going back to the old one!lol

Meerkat pic is great..........more of Eric please :o)