Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Memory Loss

We sure were lucky with the weather last week, yesterday it was dark and miserable virtually all day with drizzle by home time. After a quick tea we were straight out to one of Debbie's work colleagues to try and sort out her printer. After an hour's tinkering followed by another hour re-installing windows, re-installing the printer driver and doing the hokey cokey with the cables, we got nowhere, still getting the same invalid memory address error. It looks like some of the memory might have given up the ghost so we're going to take them our old tower, which I'll need to put back together as it's upstairs in bits at the moment.

With it being so late when we got back, it was a case of straight to bed for some much needed sleep but it was warm again and took ages to finally nod off. We'd left the window open all night and this morning it was bloody freezing ..lol..

The no drinking plan during the week is back on again and we've not touched a drop since Saturday, although, I think we might have blown it yesterday had the off licence not been closed by the time we set off home lmao.



eM said...

ooh your template is really pretty and I love the pictures! Off to explore the archives now :)

Astrantia said...

A little tipple won't harm you ;-) lol