Saturday, September 25, 2004

Potty Grandma

Last night we had a huge pizza which was a bit on the spicy side and had to be washed down with a vodka and coke for Debbie and a Scotch on the rocks for me. I’ve not had straight whisky for ages and really enjoyed it, so much so, I’m on it again now!

We’ve been over to see my Grandma today and she was a barrel of laughs as always. We decided to take Lucy along with us and she’s spent the afternoon racing about with Ben, my Auntie’s dog. I cringe sometimes when my Aunties starts a conversation of with ‘When our Paul was little……..”., today’s snippet from Paul’s past was the fact that, apparently, I look just the same as I used to all those years ago, apart from the specs, goaty beard, dark hair and a beer belly to be proud of.

The conversation then moved to my Grandma, who keeps a diary so she knows what’s happening and what day it is. The trouble is, the diary doesn’t always open at the right page and she ends up filing in details two weeks in advance. Confusion reigns when Grandma starts kicking up a fuss because she’s two days late for an appointment in a weeks time.

Back home, tired and hungry, we’ve gone for the Chinese option, fast food at it’s finest. The vodka and whisky is flowing and it’s just about time to chill out on the sofa with a good film.


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