Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Blowing In The Wind

When we got home last night, next door has posted a letter about knocking down their old fence and building a new brick one and wondered if we had any objections. The timing couldn't have been any better, it's an ugly old rusted metal fence that should have been scrapped years ago and replacing it with a new brick one won't do the value of our house any harm at all. I popped round and told them to go ahead so hopefully they'll be starting that sometime soon.

After tea, fish, chips, peas and tuna fish cakes, Debbie made the butties as planned and then we shut up shop and disappeared upstairs to make some ciggies and watch Eastenders. Poor old Alfie, he was such a happy go lucky character when he first came to the square, now he's been worn down by the familiar Eastenders doom and gloom and looks just as miserable as everyone else. The concluding part of Silent Witness was great, drawing out the end of the plot with a few twists, we'll certainly be tuning in next time.

The wind was really howling through the night and this morning it was just as bad, nothing like the devastating winds across the Atlantic, but here in wet n windy land, the trees were swaying more than usual and the old fence looked like it might be blown down before it gets taken down.


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