Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Haloscan Comments

When we first started the blog, many moons ago, we used Haloscan comments because at that time, Blogger didn't have any of their own. When Blogger introduced their own comments we swapped them over. The problem with Blogger comments though is that it's biased towards Blogger accounts and if anyone else wants leave a comment, it has to be anonymously with no link back to their blog which isn't really fair. We also have a problem in that we hold our three blogs on the same Blogger account so any Blogger comments we post have to be left as Snowbabies which is the main account.

Last night we reintroduced the Haloscan comments system to this blog and also to Buttercup and Yorkshire Snowman so anyone can leave a comment with a link back to their own blog so we can come and have a peek ..... we are quite nosey!

After we'd finished tinkering here we sat down and watched something about TV's most embarrassing moments and the number one spot was so entertaining I can't remember what it was. They did have Gemini on though, famous for very out of tune singing at Eurovision and they were blaming the lack of votes on the war in Iraq and wasn't anything to do with them being bloody awful on the night.


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