Saturday, September 18, 2004

Derbyshire Peaks

Last night we were both shattered after a long week after a quick shufty in blog land and watching a bit of telly, it was early to bed for an early start.

This morning we were up with the sun but still only just made it out in time to take Eric to the vets for vaccination number two. He was as good as gold, clinging on to Debbie white the vet got the injection ready. He’s got a clean bill of heath and hopefully won’t be seeing the vet again for another year.

Getting home again, I let Eric out of his carry cage and before I could close it again, Misty climbed in. Maybe he wanted to go out for a ride somewhere …lol…

After getting everyone settled, we set off for a drive round the hills, first going via Sheffield on to Edale in Derbyshire. I’ve not been there since I went camping while at primary school and looking at the hills all around, I don’t know how I managed to climb up there, we certainly weren’t trying anything like that today, the weather was terrible, cool and very wet. The clouds were low and the some of the summits were hidden by thick rolling mist. We could see the silhouettes of people walking across the tops with it lashing down with rain, one card short of a full deck obviously.

From Edale we drove on to Castleton where there are loads of caves and caverns to explore which are famous for the stone Blue John. The road going back down over the hill is really steep and I guess would be closed pretty quickly at the slightest hint of snow.

Having got some great photos, we set off along Snake Pass and then over Woodhead, calling in at the Dog & Partridge for a very tasty hot pork and beef sandwich.

Last stop was at the supermarket, not quite so scenic but ok if you’re after a bottle of vodka! We’re chilling out this after noon with a few coffees in preparation chilling out these evening with a few vodka and cokes.


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