Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Slippery When Wet

Yesterday morning when coming back into the kitchen with Lucy, Debbie's foot slipped on the laminate flooring with it being wet out side and badly twisted her ankle. She went to the hospital just to be safe and they said it's a bad sprain but is was still very painfull.

Getting home first last night I got cracking with tea, beef burgers with pasta bolognese, delicious, honestly! Debbie hobbled through the door just as tea was ready and declared that the plan for no drinking this week was on hold and that a large vodka and coke would sooth the pain.

After tea we just went straight upstairs so Debbie could rest her throbbing foot, the pain had subsided a little but I could see that her foot was still swollen when removing the support sock thingy. We were relieved to find that it wasn't broken or anything, she would have been a sight hobbling down the isle with a pot and crutches!

Debbie's feeling much better this morning and although her foot is still very sore she's still gone off to work. If it had happened to me, I think I would have needed at least a week off work and there would have been plenty of moaning and groaning.

Only 86 days left until our wedding now, we've still got to sort out a cake, I think because we've got everything else sorted we're getting a little bit complacent and might end up with a party cake from Asda!

Up until this weekend we had no idea which song to have for our first dance, then on Saturday night, quite spookily, a show about the worlds greatest love songs was on telly and came to the rescue. The only problem now is my two left feet and lack of rhythm, we had a practice dance and I just couldn't get it until Debbie told me wiggle my arse a bit and it all fell into place



Jennyta said...

Poor Debbie - hope you'll be better soon. I think I would have been having time off work too, but the decision to postpone the no-drinking week was very wise! The lengths some people will go!

Astrantia said...

I hope Debbie's foot is better soon! :) Silly Woman.