Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Read All About Us!

We've just appeared on The Weblog Review which we've been dreading ever since submitting our request!

It's marvellous, on the day they review the site, we have a very long link pop into the referrers list which sent the side bar crashing down the bottom of the screen. I've fixed this now by consigning the referrers list to bottom of our blog out of harms way. I've also made a few other cosmetic changes both here and at our other blogs, Buttercup and Yorkshire Snowman so that they all look the same in Internet Explorer as they do in Firefox.

Anyway, a big warm welcome to anyone dropping by for the first time, welcome back to anyone visiting for the second time and welcome back again to anyone who just can't stay away ;-)


1 comment:

ponto azul said...

Hello!It´s not the first time I visit you!I wish you all the best luck for your others blogs!I just adore your animated drawings:-)