Friday, September 17, 2004

Removing Limpets

Debbie was out on a training course yesterday day, having a break from the muppet show at work. She did very well getting back through Leeds just in time to see me finishing the washing up. We nipped out to the supermarket for a few bits and thought we were doing quite well, refraining from putting loads of stuff in the trolley but as is always the case, by the time we got to the checkout, the trolley was full and the bill was just as much as it always is.

Too knackered to make any tea, I made Debbie a ham sandwich which was roughly the same size as a small car and I had cheese and crisps with a mayo and cheese dip. We sat down to watch a film but a phone call for Debbie after half an hour meant that we had to pause it so I switched on the computer for a quick check on blog land. With the phone call finished we sacked the film and stayed on the computer for an hour before calling it a night.

This morning, Debbie was downstairs first while I was still getting ready and I could hear her hopping about trying to remove Eric from her back which can be like trying to remove a limpet from a rock! We seemed to be up against the clock again, making it out of the door just in time, I think it must be these dark mornings that make it harder to get going.


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