Saturday, September 11, 2004

Chips & Curry Sauce

For once, there was plenty on telly last night to watch with a few vodka and cokes, All About Me staring Jasper Carrot provided a few chuckles and Carrie & Barry staring Neil Morrissey was hillarious!

We spent early morning doing a bit of cleaning up and washing, that's enough for one day, upstairs can wait untill tomorrow.

Debbie's Sister and her daughter have been over today to sort out the Bridesmaids dresses. I'm sure Debbie will divulge all later, all I'll say here is, she is a very happy bunny!

We have been to our local chippy for lunch and had chips and curry sause, it was very very tasty!

Time for a chill now, just got to catch Eric standing still for this weeks picture!


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