Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Wine & Water

Yesterday was the most humid day so far, it didn't matter if we were inside or outside, it was just as muggy. So the not buying any drink plan went out of the window again and I popped down to the shop for some wine. After tea we sat down and watched Eastenders followed by Holby City. Well Debbie watched Holby, I mostly watched the ceiling because I can't stand the sight of tomato ketchup all over the place.

We gave Debbie's blog a makeover because the pink template was proving to be a bit of a nightmare to modify and wasn't working properly in Firefox. Debbie switched to water while we finished off the changes while idiot me carried on with the wine which I'm paying for this morning. After we had got all the changes done, we managed to catch the back end of Big Bro but there wasn't much going on, we'll be watching tonight though to see who get's the chop and how they are going to evict a second housemate.


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