Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Flood Watch

It's just keeps getting worse and worse here, just when you think it can't get any hotter and more humid, it does. We had rain most of the say yesterday but it didn't cool things down at all, it was the worst day yet in the office. Just before home time the sun came out again to just get things hotting up again, lovely! After tea it started raining again, really heavy this time and we were both upstairs watching through the window as the stream of water raced down the main road. The cars were spraying water high into the air as they went past, at one point they would have been better in boats ..lol..

It took ages to get to sleep, even with two fans a couple of feet way and we were hoping to get loads of sleep this week with no Big Bro to watch. Eventually, towards midnight and after a couple of cold beers, it did cool down enough to get some sleep.

This morning it's still raining and really heavy at that, but it's just as muggy as ever. We watched the news this morning to check the travel situation but there wasn't anything mentioned which was surprising, there usually a problem with the motorway even in nice weather. The forecast for today is for it to be hotter than yesterday with yet more rain. We're seriously considering moving to Iceland.



Astrantia said...

Ewww sounds like nasty weather.

Tommy said...

Wow that is amazing, we are having a wet summer here too, but we are no where near the heat that we normally get.

River said...

Isnt it weird with no BB? I dont know what to do now :D