Friday, August 20, 2004

Tweak Tweak

Debbie came home with a bottle of Bacardi last night so the no drinking plan went out of the window again, but we we're quite good and didn't have too much, saving most for tonight. We did refrain from going out and getting dinner, having chicken Kiev, chips, spaghetti and curry sauce instead and was delicious!

We've done a bit of tweaking and made some minor cosmetic changes to the blog yesterday, it was looking a bit tired and dull so we've made the side bar a bit brighter and have broken it up into sections which we think make's it easier to read. We need something to replace the Google search bar at the bottom, with the new tool bar it's become redundant just a few weeks after adding it

There have been some new flood warnings issued today, there haven't been any for the last couple of days but now the rain is back and affecting the areas that got off lightly last time. It's raining very heavily again here this morning but it looks like it will be drier this afternoon and through the weekend before yet more rain arrives next week. The week after will be an Indian summer, obviously, as were on holiday!

Toddy's been on one again this morning, darting about everywhere, coming to a sudden stand still as though he'd been caught in someone's headlights and then speeding off in another direction. Misty doesn't even blink as the ninety miles an hour ginger furball whizzes past him, just plods along into the living room and collapses in the nearest comfy spot.

So, after a long hard week, crunchie day is here at last, or maybe it should be called POETS's day. It's a new one on me, but it stands for - Piss Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday!



Shrub said...

"spaghetti and curry sauce"

mmm... tasty!

Freddy said...

the meal is quite an international hotpot,
chicken kiev-russian
curry sauce- chinese or indian
chips- british?
bet it was brilliant- all I had time for, was scrambled eggs on toast.

Jennyta said...

I hope the weather will be better - I am visiting my daughter in Sheffield on Sunday! :)