Thursday, August 26, 2004

We Have A Dream

Yesterday we started on the road to realising our dream of owning and running our own boarding kennels. We've often said that if we won the lottery, this is what we would do with money Yesterday the subject came up again but this time I thought, do we really need to win the lottery to do this, surely it's something that we can achieve own our own. So we searched the web for information and were surprised to find that there is plenty to be found on this subject. I've been in touch with the bank and soon we'll be paying a visit to find out where we need to be to make our dream a reality. It will take some time, we know, but now we've both got something to work towards during the months and years ahead.

We spent the night scouring the estate agents looking for somewhere suitable but we've not found anything so far. Debbie saw an ideal place a few weeks ago while looking for houses so we know the right place will be out there, we just need to keep searching until we find it.



J-Birds said...

Debra and I searched for 4 years for the ideal place to move our menagerie. What we found is that if we spent one weekend a month looking, we would find a property of interest every six months. The point is don't get discouraged and don't settle for something that is not right for you. Also, don't get emotionally involved in the real estate during the purchase process. Buying a property is a business decision. If you fall in love with it and the seller knows it you will wind up paying too much. Keep us posted on your progress and good luck to you. - Craig

Snowbabies said...

Thank you for that advice :-) We'll be a long time searching and won't be rushing into anything, the longer it takes, the more prepared we will be :-)

Cheryl said...

I can completely understand the motivation to make animals a part of your career. I'm going to start an apprenticeship as a groomer this September. Good luck and keep us posted!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds an excellent plan to me. Good luck with your dream.

What sort of area and what sort of price range? I read a lot of publications and sites that have this sort of thing for sale, and I'm happy to keep an eye out for anything suitable and tip you off.

Drop me an email with the details if you want.

Blue Witch (blue-witch(@)