Monday, August 09, 2004

Cool Hot Weekend

We've had a cool weekend, getting hammered on Friday night, doing a bit of shopping on Saturday, going to a bbq on Saturday night, a spot more shopping on Sunday. We had our own bbq on Sunday using the pack we got from Iceland and ended up doing too much again, saving half of the food for tea. The weather has been so hot, with wall to wall sunshine. Last night was the worst night so far for getting to sleep, we had both fans upstairs and we were both still melting away. We watched the highlights of the final day of Big Brother which was cool as we were both too drunk and too busy giggling at everything to take much of it in on Friday!

This morning it got darker and darker as we got stuff together for work and just as we went out to the cars it started raining as we heard a few rumbles of thunder in the distance. It does seem to have freshened things up a little but it's still going to be a really oppressive day in the office. The air con units next door have a thermometer on them and when I went to switch them back on after weekend, the temperature in there was 36c so I doubt it will drop below 30 in there today.


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