Monday, August 16, 2004

Emotional Weekend

This weekend has been very emotional, having to come to a decision to take Harvey back to Manchester. For the most part he was everything we could have ever wished for but as the weeks passed by and he settled into his surroundings, problems started to emerge. Most problems we expected and could work on but in the last few weeks he became more and more unpredictable in his behaviour towards me and the other animals. When he finally drew blood from my hand, we knew we couldn't keep this up, fearing for the safety of Lucy, Misty & Toddy and I had lost confidence in approaching him when he needed to be move from somewhere he shouldn't be. We are gutted and feel awful having come to this decision but realistically, we really didn't have any other option.

On Saturday afternoon, we made the trip back to Manchester and handed Harvey back over to the staff at the rescue centre and off he skipped without looking back which was a little upsetting but we knew that despite wanting to be next to us all the time in the house, Harvey ingored us completely once outside. Emotional and tired, we made our way to Debbie's Sister's house for a bite to eat and a coffee. We called in at a discount store on the way home but we weren't really in the mood for shopping and nothing there appealed to us except a dustpan and brush for sweeping up all those cat hairs.

Lucy was waiting by the door, tail wagging as always when we got home. After tea, the house, even with four animals seemed empty, but calm with everyone snoozing in their own favourite spots. We've resigned ourselves to the fact now that, we'll never find another dog who will gel with the rest of the family, we already have the perfect dog in Lucy.

We sat down to watch Love Actually and had a couple of glasses of wine but didn't see all of the film, pausing it instead to talk about the days events. After a long hard discussion, following an appeal from a local animal rescue centre who have been overwhelmed with kittens this summer, we've decided that we could offer a loving home along side Misty and Toddy.

On Sunday we drove over to Dad's with Lucy and she was full of beans when we arrived, racing in to the house as soon As Dad opened the door. After a catching up on all the gossip and a much needed coffee, we made our way back home for some dinner.

After we'd had something to eat, we set off in the hot sunshine to the local animal sanctuary where we adopted Toddy. We've never seen so many kittens in one place before, it's such a shame that people don't make sure that their cats are neutered, Misty and Toddy were as soon as they were the required age. Debbie has fallen in love with a beautiful dark coloured tabby who, like most of the others, still has two weeks to go before he's ready for adoption. So, we'll be back a week on Saturday and hopefully Eric, as Debbie has named him, will still be there.

We've seen a three tier a cat tower that we want to get before then, to keep Misty and Toddy occupied while the little one settles in. We'll also get lots of new cat toys, it's not that long since we bought several new toys but Lucy has chewed most of those to death We'll be on holiday that week to keep and eye on things while Eric find his feet, learing that Misty is top cat but that he can be ambushed from the chair, as Toddy does frequently!



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that your weekend turned out that way. Animals can sometimes be both a blessing and a curse. Personally I wish I could adopt a couple of kittens...umm...I would probably adopt them all if I only had the chance ;)
Hope things gets back to "normal" again for you :)


Cheryl said...

I'm so sorry that you're weekend turned out that way. I've encountered dogs like that myself. Harvey would probably make someone a great "only dog". Dogs are like people, each with their own personality. Glad that you are going to have a new kitten to fill the void. Don't give up on dogs, though. You'll most likely find the perfect fit, when you aren't even looking.