Friday, August 06, 2004

Crash Bang Wallop

Well, after a week of forecasts for a thunder storm and hardly even getting any rain, we got two yesterday. Towards lunchtime everything went dark and a few claps of thunder could be heard in the distance then after a few minutes the rain started. I've never seen rain drops as big, about the size of a small marble and when they landed on the ground they left a mark like someone had bounced a wet tennis ball on the floor. Shortly afterwards there was an almighty clap of thunder, the loudest I've heard for a long time. The rain picked up pace and soon there was a stream of water racing down the main road. It didn't last all that long and was followed by an afternoon of sunshine.

We had another brief thunder storm after tea but not as loud as the one earlier and it didn't cool things down much either. After a bout of impromptu filing of bills and letters etc, we called it a night and retired upstairs with the fan. We watched the first five minutes of Big Brother but it was showing the highlights from Wednesday and still had Stuart in there so we turned it off and went to sleep. It would have been like watching a football match when you know the result.

We actually managed a whole alcohol free night despite the oppressive humidity, tonight however, it's crunchie time and we'll be having more than a few tipples while we watch the Big Bro final.

This morning it's more humid than ever and it was foggy on the motorway coming into work. We'll be counting the seconds until home time, there's a bottle of Bacardi in the supermarket with our name on it!


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