Monday, August 23, 2004

Spooky Cats

We picked the tower up from Argos on Sunday morning and then couldn't resist a quick visit to Matalan next door for a spot of bargain hunting and for the first time in ages, we hardly bought anything. I think it's getting to that point in the year where it's hardly worth bothering buying more summer clothes and it's too early to be thinking about winter stuff. Next we called in at a local farm shop which started off years ago selling potatoes etc. but now sells anything and everything including rain coats for dogs

Leaving there, we called in at Dad's for a cuppa and got four more of the wedding invites sorted out while we were there. As we were leaving, Dad gave us a new parasol for the picnic table, a Fosters one, so our back yard really does look like a beer garden now

On the way home we called in at the bird centre to get some more toys for Zippy and had a good look round at the birds there as well. They didn't seem to have many birds in but they did have some African Greys that were growling as we waked past and it just shows how far Zippy has come in a little over a year. We paid for the two rope/wooden toys and went on to a garden centre that has a good pet section where we got some parrot food that looked quite tasty and some unshelled peanuts.

Getting back home, we changed the cage round so that we can open up the top and also put a ladder on the front that leads to Zippy's parrot stand which has two bowls filled with peanuts. He's getting much more adventurous now and needs to explore further afield.

I got the cat tower built after lunch and apart from a little bit of blue language when trying to attach the tube, it wasn't too bad and looks quite impressive, money well spent! We introduced the cats to their new plaything but with it being mid afternoon, all they wanted to do was sleep, but they were both on it later after tea.

We watched Gothika last night, it was a really spooky film and had us both jumping out of skins and to make it worse, every time we jumped, two ghostly cats heads popped out from behind the window blinds!



Cheryl said...

Cool looking cat tower. You built that yourself? Was it a kit, or did you buy plans for it?

Snowbabies said...

We bought it flat packed for easy assembley at home.. I don't think I'd be able to build one from scratch, but I am going to try and build something interesting for Zippy soon..


J-Birds said...

Careful with the peanuts for Zippy. We don't want him to have to rename him Chubby. As you know, I enjoy your blog daily...keep up the interesting writing. - Craig