Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Nothing To Lose

We had rain all day yesterday with a bit of thunder thrown in as well. The rain got really heavy in the afternoon but luckily it relented a little before home time so we didn't have to drive in it, although it still caused problems with traffic in Sheffield for Debbie.

With Debbie stuck in traffic, I was home first and started on tea, pork chops with mushrooms, onions, garlic, peas and gravy. While we were waiting for that to cook we had an hour on the computer along with a whisky and coke to wash the Monday blues away. Tea was delicious, pork that just fell of the bone covered in the best gravy in the world ever...

Zippy was out again yesterday, still getting used to the new layout but he's climbing all over the outside of the cage now and it won't be long before he realises there are free peanuts to be had just across the ladder. He had us in stitches at one point, he knew where we wanted to go but was in a complete spin about how to get there and was shuffling one way then the other, always coming back to the same spot. It reminded me very much of Trigger doing exactly the same thing in the Jolly Boys Outing episode of Only Fools & Horses.

Flicking through the channels, we stumbled across a film called Nothing To Lose that was just starting and looked quite good so we stayed with it. We we're tired though so we went to watch it upstairs. Debbie was just nodding off when Tim Robin's feet caught fire and he started dancing, I nearly fell off the bed laughing and Debbie opened her eyes a little to see what I was laughing at and then couldn't get back to sleep for chuckling ...lol... I think we'll look out for this on DVD, it'll be worth the money just to see that scene again.


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