Sunday, August 22, 2004

Doing Nothing

We had a cool day doing nothing yesterday, although the plan came unstuck at tea time realizing that we hadn’t been to put the lottery on. So we got dressed and popped down to the supermarket, getting a few bits and pieces along with the lottery tickets. Next stop was the video store to see if there was anything worth watching, after doing two laps of the isles, we picked up Monster and Gothika. Cooking tea isn’t allowed on a doing nothing day so we called in at KFC for a large bucket of tasty chicken and even tastier chips and gravy!

We sat down to watch Monster last night, making half a bottle of Bacardi and a little bit of whisky disappear in the process. It was a very good film, dark and disturbing as the reviews had suggested. We had a one hour interval during the film as the Bridesmaid dress issue came up again, which Debbie will explain later.

After the film, feeling the effects of too much alcohol, we decided to leave the other film for today, fearing that we’d probably pass out before it finished Instead we watched the end of Die Hard 2 on the telly upstairs before nodding off.

This morning the sun is out again and we’re both feeling pretty cool, not even a hint of a hangover, it must have been all that chicken that soaked up the Bacardi. We’ve got a few things to do today including picking up that new cat tower we found last week. We’ll take some photos of the dynamic duo in action on it this afternoon!


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