Thursday, August 05, 2004

Stuart Is Evicted

With the rain yesterday it was finally a little bit cooler but not much and the forecast is for the temperature to start rising again. Thundery showers will still be around so it's going to be staying muggy for the next few days at least.

Watching Look North while having our tea we noticed that the Bakewell Show was on this week, why is it that all these big agricultural shows are always on during the week, you would have thought that they could arrange at least one of the days to fall on a weekend. It's the same with the Great Yorkshire Show, the only way we can get to attend is to book precious time off work. Granted, they are agricultural shows and it's not going to make much difference to people in the agricultural profession which day of the week it's held, but the vast majority of the people attending work in other professions where only weekends are free.

We retired straight upstairs after tea with cold glass of cider, it was still too warm to be sitting downstairs. Upstairs is cooler because we can have more windows open to get air flowing through the rooms, the kitchen window will only lock when it's about 2mm open and we can't have it open all the way because of the cats. The only thing we were really interested in watching on telly was Big Brother so we spent an hour downloading ringtones and pictures on the mobiles, they were all free ones from Sony or at least I hope they were lol.

The first instalment of Big Bro didn't give much away about the eviction, just highlights as usual on a Wednesday. They had a full crowd there who had to stay quiet from the time they got there to about 10.30pm which must have been a tall order, but they did it so well done them. In-between the shows, we had comedian Peter Kay - Live From Manchester. Now, Debbie's not a fan of stand-up comedy and especially not Peter Kay coming from the same part of the country. We watched it anyway and I did catch Debbie chuckling a time or two, especially with the biscuit dunking.

Waiting with anticipation, we watched as Big Bro initiated the eviction and were quite surprised to see Stuart called to the diary room and then escorted out of the house. We can only assume he's been voted out because of the shenanigans with Michelle, or maybe it was because he never got involved in any arguments. It was obvious that Stuart was very uneasy during the interview with the string of questions about his romance with Michelle. We don't read the papers but Davina showed a couple of headlines from a few of the tabloids and Michelle has already sold her story to them which I think is unfair on Stuart. Michelle appeared at the end of the show and the hugs duly followed, but I suspect that as soon as the camera's are off, so will be their relationship. I've been wrong with everything else on Big Bro, so they'll probably get married a week on Thursday!


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