Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Flash Floods

The sun was out again yesterday, the forecast rain didn't arrive until later in the evening, however, it's not been as muggy for the last few days, except for Sunday night when it clouded over at tea time and trapped all the heat in.

We needed a few supplies yesterday, so on arriving home last night we popped down to the supermarket, taking Lucy with us to try and get her used to being in the car as she's still suffering from travel sickness. It might have been a mistake going there instead of me calling in on the way home for the bread we needed, whenever we go shopping together Debbie always asks if I'm having a drink and I never say no. So, out we came with much more than we went in for, including a bottle of vodka.

Back home with a large vodka and coke on the go we spent most of the night on the computer chatting to a few friends for what felt like hours, however, when we finally shut the computer down we were surprised to see it was still only half past nine. Flicking through the channels on the telly, the best that was on offer was a music channel so we just finished our drinks and called it a night.

This morning, watching the breakfast news as usual, we were surprised to see the flash floods in Cornwall given that we've not seen much rain at all for the last few days. It must have been one of the worst floods seen in this country with cars and vans being swept from the streets and out to sea. It must be devastating for the people of Boscastle and our thoughts are with them.


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my sentiments as well