Thursday, August 19, 2004

More Wedding Plans

This week seems to be dragging on, I think it's because we're getting closer to our holiday in just over a weeks time and we can't wait for a break from these early mornings. We've got nothing planned for this weekend and by that I mean we plan to do nothing, zip, zero, bugger all! We're both shattered and desperately need some couch potato time to re-charge the batteries and of course we'll need to be wide awake for the weekend after when we pick up Eric and introduce him to the zoo here.

We had a few thunder storms yesterday and some more heavy rain overnight which has kept things cooler and fresher and also means I don't need to water the front garden which looking lovely and green due to lack of any long dry spells this summer. I need to get out there and check the support for our baby fir tree, it's grown a lot this year and I think the support could be taken off now.

Christmas is almost here, seriously, it is, and with it comes our wedding. We are going to have so much to do from September onwards and the nice people at the supermarket will be filling the shelves with Christmas decorations any time now just to remind how close it is. I'm going to get the suits sorted out while we are on holiday and also find a cattery and someone to make our wedding cake. Hopefully that should then be about it, all we'll have to do then is keep ringing round and making sure everyone is still on board.

So with the festive season just around the corner, let us be the first to say Merry Christmas!



Mikki said...

Hi I noticed on my stats that you come to my site( Just to let you know I've moved to if you want to keep reading :)

Astrantia said...

Merry Christmas! Noooo! Not yet! I can't afford for it to be Christmas yet. *Sigh* Oh well, Merry Christmas to you both too ;-P