Wednesday, August 11, 2004

More Rain & Fog

It rained nearly all day yesterday and the flood warnings started appearing for the usual suspects, River Air and River Ouse, thankfully not anywhere near places we need to go during the week.

Debbie left work on the dot yesterday and was already home which was a nice surprise when I pulled into the drive after work. She was making a start on our tea which was fantastic, pork chops in mushrooms and onion with a few spices thrown in. While tea was cooking, we were on the computer armed with a nice cold, strong vodka and coke each. We're really getting into using Firefox now and wouldn't be without it, the tabs thingy makes surfing around so much easier. After tea we just stopped on the computer and took on more liquid refreshment while perusing more blogs.

This morning it's foggy again and Debbie's been able to put her sporty front fog lights on for the journey into work. The office doesn't seem as warm today, I'm sure that will change as the sun burns through and heats everything up again before the return of the rain later.


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