Friday, August 27, 2004

Time For A Break

Arriving home yesterday to a chorus of meow, meow, meeeeeow, I opened the pet cupboard to find no cat food and just one tin of dog food. That's the trouble with tins of pet food, they come in packs of six, which would be ok if there were six days in a week. We always seem to run out during the week and have to go shopping for some like we did last night. The trouble with this is that we never just come back with just cat and dog food, like last night when we walked through the door with four shopping bags full of goodies. We did it again though, only got six tins of dog and cat food so we'll be back again during the week. I think it's just a ploy by both of us to make sure we need to go shopping in the week so we can saunter down the booze isle

We were planning on an early night last night but Eastenders was on late so we sacked that idea and had a couple of hours on the computer while we waited. It was actually worth waiting for, focusing just on Den and Dot for half an hour turned out to be quite a treat.

We can't stop yawning this morning, the only thing keeping us going is the fact that it's crunchie day and we've got a week off work! We're going to be pretty busy next week with hopefully a new kitten, final wedding arrangements and looking into this change of career. Roll on home time!



Jennyta said...

Have a lovely week. Keith and I are off to France next weekend.

Starbuck said...

Damn. Missed the Dot & Den episode.

But at least... I got to... sit in front of my PC.... trying to work out why it keeps crashing....

Ho hum!